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Where education is key

Our advice to you and your partner or support is to get as much information about the different education options in your area before you decide what might suit you best. There are several options available, and many women say that their wonderful birthing experiences were as a result of tips they learned in their childbirth education and parenting information course. The important thing is for you to research what is available so you can choose the options in birth that best fits your personal beliefs and desires.

Classes by My Midwives help women prepare practical strategies for birth and beyond. My Midwives is Australia's first private midwifery practice with access to public and private hospitals across Australia. Our online classes are designed to educate women, partners and their families. Our midwifery experience has helped us prepare content that women trust and find valuable.


  • What order should I do the classes?

    The Pregnancy Road Map is offered free to all to provide a basic insight into your health care journey. From there the courses should be taken in the order they are laid out on the course website.

  • Its not my first baby, will I still get any benefit from the classes?

    These courses are unlike anything available in hospitals and are also great for women wanting to have more choice and control so we find that most women, regardless of the number of babies they have had, will gain benefit.

  • Why digital learning?

    COVID-19 is restricting access to antenatal courses all over the country and we have been repeatedly asked to make our face to face materials into a digital product so - here we are!!

  • What if I still have questions and feel I need even more information?

    My Midwives offer consultations - face to face where we have a physical presence and virtual via telehealth when needed. You can have a one on one session to cover any additional material or anything specific to your needs.

  • Can I get my money back if I am not satisfied?

    Please see our Terms of Use for our refund policy

  • Can I do the classes in my own time?

    Yes, all of our online digital classes are self paced, so you can take your time and work through the class at your own pace.