Managing Director/Midwife

Liz Wilkes

Hi everyone, I established My Midwives over a decade ago to provide better information and education to enable women to feel more control over their experience from pregnancy through birth and the post birth period. I have been a midwife for nearly 30 years and have taught childbirth education for most of that time. My role as the Managing Director of Australia's largest private midwifery practice is what keeps me most busy though and I am proud to say that our outcomes are absolutely outstanding compared to every other model available in Australian maternity care. Many other things also fit into the mix including consultancy to government, public and private sector organisations on midwifery policy, mental health in the perinatal period, home birth and continuity of care. I am a mother of three, experiencing different births myself, including my last birth in water at home. In my spare time I like relaxing with family and friends, walking my dog, reading and - normally - travel.

Midwife/Lactation Consultant

Courtney Alexander

I hope that soon all families and all midwives will have better access to continuity of care as well as more consistent, specialist breastfeeding support. I am a huge advocate for the profound impact that continuity of midwifery care has on the way people experience this powerful and vulnerable time in their lives, extending far beyond birth and postpartum. I have a real affinity for waterbirth, and special interests in mental health and the nervous system, the early hours postpartum as well as the fourth trimester. I love sprinkling education into all the care I provide.


Hannah Currie

My belief is that every woman has access to the model of maternity care they desire; a model underpinned by evidence based practice and recognition that birth is a normal life event. I strongly believe that maternity care is all encompassing; developing a trusting relationship with not only the woman but her partner and family is paramount. As a midwife I see the importance of supportive postpartum care, something which as a society I believe we have devalued. This is where my passion lies, holding space for women and their families during their time of transition to parenthood.


Saskia Hicks

I am very passionate about promoting midwifery led continuity of care as the most sustainable form of maternity care there is (across the board!), which is why I couldn't be happier to now be working with My Midwives. I am particularly interested in providing woman centred care to women and their families, women need to be empowered with all of the information so that they may make an informed choice that best suits them and their needs.


Lauren Ruthenberg

I have been fascinated by all things birth since I discovered the book “Where Do Babies Come From” when I was about 6 years old. I had always loved hearing my mother’s 4 birth stories also. I find that caring for women and providing them with a safe, loving and empowering birth space and pregnancy journey comes naturally to me. I don’t think there is anything more powerful than watching a woman rock her birth- however that may be.


Hannah Quanchi

My passion for midwifery, however, was sparked while growing up (literally) within my mother’s community midwifery business. Though I have been living in Melbourne since 2007, I’m always drawn back to these roots and continue to work alongside the team at My Midwives Shepparton and Echuca. I am a strong believer in the benefits of one-to-one midwifery care and wish to help integrate this model as affordable mainstream primary care for all families. I am passionate in empowering all women to have the best birth possible by making informed decisions. I have a special interest in water birth.